Earthquake Detection and Safety Alerts Now Available for Android Users in India

Android users in India can now receive earthquake alerts on their smartphones. This new feature utilizes the phone’s built-in sensors, including the accelerometer, to detect seismic activity and provide early warnings to users.

How It Works:

The system functions by repurposing your smartphone into a miniature earthquake detector, leveraging the accelerometer sensor as a seismograph. Even when your phone is stationary or charging, it can detect the initial tremors of an earthquake. When multiple phones in the vicinity sense earthquake-like vibrations simultaneously, Google’s servers can discern the occurrence, location, and magnitude of the earthquake. Subsequently, alerts are dispatched to nearby phones to warn users.


Users will receive earthquake alerts when an earthquake of magnitude above 4.5 on the Richter scale occurs. These alerts will override silent or “do not disturb” mode, ensuring users receive important safety instructions. This feature will be accessible on Android 5 and higher versions starting next week.


To enable or disable earthquake alerts, access your phone’s settings and navigate to the “Safety and Emergency” option. If you cannot find this option, you can select “Location-Advanced” and choose “Earthquake Alert.”

Google is also collaborating with the National Disaster Management Authority to provide users with information about various natural disasters, including floods and storms, through Google Search and Maps.

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