Guide to Setting Up Google’s Family Link for Child Safety

Google offers an array of features tailored for parents to ensure a secure online experience for their children. One of the pivotal features in this suite is “Family Link.” Here’s a step-by-step guide to activating and maximizing the benefits of Google’s Family Link:


  1. Installing Google Family Link:
    • For Parents: Get the “Family Link for Parents” application either from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store onto your gadget.
    • For Youngsters & Adolescents
    • : Install the “Family Link for Children & Teens” application on the youngster’s gadget.
  2. Initiating Family Link:
    • Launch the “Family Link for Parents” application on your gadget.
    • Adhere to the instructions displayed to establish a family cluster.
    • An invitation to log in using your Google credentials will appear. If absent, set up an account during this phase.
  3. Integrate Your Child’s Google Credentials:
    • Should your child have an existing Google account, integrate it. Otherwise, initiate one on their behalf.
    • Post setup or integration, have them log into their gadget using this account.
  4. Establish Digital Norms:
    • Application Permission: Dictate which applications your child can acquire or buy from the Google Play Store.
    • Usage Duration: Designate daily boundaries for the duration your child can operate their gadget.
    • Sleep Mode: Designate a gadget sleep time, post which the gadget becomes inaccessible.
    • Safe Exploration: Activate SafeSearch on Google Search to exclude inappropriate content.
  5. Oversee & Regulate Applications:
    • Observe the applications your child uses and the duration of usage for each.
    • Designate specific usage times for applications or restrict certain ones.
  6. Regulate Google Play Preferences:
    • Dictate the visibility of apps, films, games, and literature for your child in Google Play.
    • Oversee in-app acquisitions and conceal specific tracks or literature.
  7. Access Device Geolocation:
    • With geolocation sharing activated, the whereabouts of your child’s gadget can be viewed.
  8. Implement Content Screening:
    • Screen content across Google Search, Chrome, and additional Google platforms to ensure your child’s browsing remains secure.
  9. Regulate YouTube Preferences:
    • Should your child navigate the YouTube Kids application, manage the app’s settings, including content tiers.
  10. Adjust Google Assistant Preferences:
  • Dictate your child’s interactions with Google Assistant and the services and gadgets they can access.
  1. Secure or Wipe Gadget:

    Guide to Setting Up Google's Family Link for Child Safety
    Guide to Setting Up Google’s Family Link for Child Safety
  • In events where your child’s gadget is misplaced or unlawfully acquired, remotely secure it or eliminate its content.

It’s vital to note that while these functionalities offer essential parental controls, they don’t substitute consistent dialogues with your child about digital safety and wellness. Regularly converse with your children about the essence of secure online conduct and establish clear gadget usage standards.

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